Carpentry apprentice Cody Webby’s got it made


Cody Webby is well on his way to becoming a full y qualified builder. At only 21 he’s in the final year of his carpentry apprenticeship with the BCITO. Cody left school when he was 16. Being a hands-on type of guy and a keen outdoorsman, Cody decided to look into construction as a possible career path.

Through the BCITO’s dedicated job-matching service, Cody got in touch with his current employer, Licensed Renovations. Two weeks after an initial telephone interview he was on the tools. From then on Cody knew that carpentry was the right career path for him.

“I’m really glad I started so young, straight from school,” he says. “Now I’m 21 and I’m nearly qualified, I couldn’t be any happier than where I am now.” Earning a wage while learning on the job has enabled Cody to have a great work-life balance.

“Compared to some of my friends who left school and continued with further study, there’s a huge financial difference. I ’m so much better off than them. “I’ ve been able to buy the tools I need to do my job, and buy some of the ‘toys’ I’ve always dreamed of having. Pretty soon I’ll have enough savings for a deposit on my first house.

“It’s an awesome feeling when you know you’re getting somewhere in life, and it’s not going to take till your mid-30s to get there. I’ve started young and I’m going to make it young.”

Cody takes pride in his work. “One of the best things about my job is being able to stand back and see what you’ ve accomplished and what you’ ve created out of a few lengths of timber and materials. Next thing you know you’ ve built a house!

“By far the most satisfying thing about the job is seeing the look on the client’s face each day when they come and see the progress made on site.”

Cody knows his future’s secure. There’s a huge demand for skilled, qualified tradesmen, as the building boom is happening right now and there’s a huge shortage of skilled labour across all trades. “There’s plenty of work out there,” he says.

“Five years ago I could just dig a hole — now I can just about build a house! Last year I won the Carters Registered Master Builders’ Apprentice of the Year for the Auckland region, and I went on to compete in the national final.

My boss already has me tagged as a potential site manager.” Cody’s advice to careers seekers — “the sooner you get a trade under your belt the sooner you’ll be heading towards a successful future.” The BCITO is the largest facilitator of construction apprenticeships in New Zealand.

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