New journey begins for Harker


One of New Zealand’s largest tunnelling companies launched its new look recently, and also has plans to launch its expertise and experience into international markets. Leading experts in underground tunnelling, pipelines and shaft construction, Harker Underground Construction is part of Hawkins Group.

Harker undertakes work with other companies either as part of a consortium or as a subcontractor. It also partners with the team at Hawkins on major construction and infrastructure projects. As well as traditional tunnelling capability, including “drill and blast” excavation, Harker has the largest range of micro tunnelling and pipe jacking equipment in New Zealand, enabling the creation of tunnels and pipelines from 100mm to 3000mm in diameter.

It also has the expertise to procure larger equipment through its international supply chain. “It’s an exciting time for Harker and for our  industry,” Harker general manager Rory Bishop says. “We’re known locally for our trenchless construction technology and, where the opportunities arise, plan to take this experience and capabilit y offshore.”

“We know that we’re only as good as our last job, and our current work, such as providing specialist support to the development of the City Rail Link Project, demonstrates the strength of the national expertise we’ ve built up over 35 years.”

“With Hawkins we share common business principles, and the overarching goal of building better communities. We let our actions do the talking and, as a smart, agile and relatively small company, we can directly deliver our part on the most complex of projects.

“Harker has the people, the experience, the partners and now a new brand. Through the quality of our work and our vision we’re ready to be the best in the tunnelling and underground construction market.”

About Harker Underground Construction

Harker is a tunnelling specialist which does more than tunnels. Part of Hawkins Group, the company’s capabilities also include pipelines and shaft construction. Harker has been in business for 35 years, and has completed projects throughout New Zealand in the wastewater, stormwater, power and electricity, and infrastructure sectors.

About Hawkins


Hawkins Group is New Zealand’s largest privately-owned infrastructure and construction business, with a growing international presence. It is owned by the McConnell family, who have played a major role in the industry for more than 50 years.

It comprises four businesses: Hawkins Infrastructure, Hawkins Construction, Harker Underground Construction and project management arm the Canterbury Recovery Project.

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