Urban regeneration specialist Ockham opens Station R development


Ockham Residential has launched the latest in its series of developments aimed at helping meet demand for high quality housing in Auckland while promoting urban regeneration.

The 37-apartment Station R complex in Fenton Street, next to Mt Eden railway station, has seen a former factory site transformed into a complex of two and three bedroom homeswith balconies.

Ockham co-founder Mark Todd says Station R, whose first residents have moved in, epitomised Ockham’s approach to development.

“We are urban regenerators. We aim to lead by example by taking brownfield sites and designing and developing outstanding residential buildings. “Like other developers, our projects must be profitable, but we are commit ted to our buildings also being beautiful and well-liked by their community.

“Station R, as with all our buildings, incorporates inclusive architecture, and is constructed from durable, low-maintenance materials that will age gracefully and minimise ongoing costs. “We also aim to provide a high-level of onsite amenity without expensive body corporate fees.

Station R features our signature community space, incorporating a top floor residents lounge and deck, with a north-west vista.” Mr Todd says one of the keys to consistently achieving Ockham’s philosophy is employing its own in-house team of three highlyexperienced architects.

Station R architect Martin King said this means the architect is involved in the process end-to-end, and that any issues are resolved swiftly. “For instance, if we decide there needs to be a change to the design to make the building even better, then that can be done without impacting on the budget. Everyone can go that extra mile, and it ensures that there is end-to-end attention to detail in every aspect of the building.

“From an architect’s point of view, it is fantastic to work on projects where the focus is on the beneficial impact on the community and long-term outcomes of the development, rather than just the short-term bottom line. “A real passion for Auckland runs right through the company — everyone here wants to lead by example and create buildings that enhance the city. 

Station R lies between Mt Eden and Eden Terrace, two of Auckland’s oldest suburbs, and it has been a privilege to be part of creating a building that will be part of that landscape for generations to come.” The building captures all-day sun and is within easy reach of Mt Eden Village, Ponsonby Road and Kingsland.

It is just 2km from the CBD, and Mt Eden station will be a junction station on the planned central rail loop. Station R is zoned for Mt Eden Normal School, Kowhai Intermediate, Auckland Grammar, Auckland Girls’ Grammar and Mt Albert Grammar.

The development recognises its location while paying homage to “R language”, an internationally-used free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. R language was created by Auckland University’s Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in 1997, and is now widely used among statisticians and data miners.

Station R is just one stop from the Grafton Railway Station, where Auckland University is creating its new campus. Ockham Residential’s charitable arm, Ockham Foundation, has recently gifted two $25,000 scholarships to students studying advanced mathematics at Auckland University under Professor Ihaka.

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