A cost revolution in home ventilation


Home ventilation systems typically comprise of an above-the-ceiling roof cavity, centrally-mounted fan which distributes drier filtered air from the roof cavit y into bedrooms and living rooms via a network of ducting (the latter also mounted in the roof cavity), and is typically installed by a specialist.

Depending on the number of room outlets, ducted systems can cost anywhere from $2000 to $6000 installed. The new revolutionary Unovent DIY home ventilation moisture reduction system comprises a number of individual ductless outlets into the rooms, each with their own fan and washable filter, all connected to a simple low-voltage supply using lightweight cabling from one Unovent unit to the next, and then to the next, and so on.

Unovent features include:

Costs up to 75% less, yet is more effective

Is a single room unit, up to any number of rooms

Easy installation taking only a few hours, with no ducting or complex equipment

Easy DIY or tradesperson installation — it’s a 12 volt system, with a 3-pin plug being all you need

Low running costs, less than $1 per month

Easy filter maintenance — no cost, remove and wash yourself

Easily scalable — start with one room and add other rooms as you wish

Simple and effective, with no electronics to master

Very quiet operation — lab tested at 14 decibels, barely audible to the human ear

Designed to run more than 150,000 hours, and have a six-year warranty

Automatic pre-set humidity and temperature controls, turns itself on and off depending on roof cavity air moisture content and temperature 


Unovent was developed by John Wadsworth, an industry specialist and former automation control engineer, who wanted a ventilation system for his own home but was not willing to

spend $4000 plus on it. 

The system pulls dry air from the roof cavity which is mixed with the wetter air in the home living spaces, reducing the moisture content by pressurising each room, causing sufficient air changes to reduce the moisture content.

It also reduces window condensation and the amount of moisture absorbed into wall coverings, drapes and carpets which can lead to mould and mildew, key triggers for asthma and allergies.

An average-sized, three-bedroom home with one living room would require four unovent outlets mounted in the ceiling at a starting DIY price from $1173. Alternatively, Unovent can arrange installation.

For more information visit www.unovent.co.nz.

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