Height safety easily achieved with simple edge protection


One of the key factors to an efficient building site is a safe one. Edge Protection can provide a cost-effective and speedy alternative to scaffolding in many cases.

Edge Protection NZ Ltd has been at the forefront of development for proprietary edge protection systems since 2012 with three main objectives for its customers — keep it simple, make it versatile and ensure it’s cost effective.

With several bracket types catering for new housing, existing buildings, garages/sheds and commercial applications, there is an E Bracket system suitable for every builder.

With versatility being paramount for anyone considering purchasing a new product, there are several features making E Bracket systems stand out as an industry favourite.

These range from the one-piece laser cut and folded manufacturing technique ensuring stackability, to the preset rail heights enabling quick installation of guardrails and the ability to use either SG8 90 x 45 timber rails at 2.7m centres or galv and aluminium scaffold tube at up to 5.4m centres.

New housing brackets can be fitted to soffit sprockets, gable ends on the outrigger and truss top chords, whilst the Re Roofing variant uses a pole to the ground atop an adjustable base jack. Fitment under the eaves on an existing building is adaptable to suit flat or sloped soffits, gable ends and even roofs with no overhang. 

This particular system is very popular as it can be used on new buildings as well as old, and leaves no damage due to a non-slip friction fit pad, making it ideal for alterations.

As proprietary systems are not considered a structural scaffold, E Bracket systems can be installed by any competent person with no scaffolding qualification necessary and no height restrictions.

Value for money is obvious when the system pays for itself within a few jobs as opposed to continuously scaffolding and, as it is erected by the builder, there is literally zero down time waiting for installation or dismantling at the conclusion of the job.

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