Impact driver accessories launched


Irwin Tools is introducing the second phase of its Impact Performance Series portfolio of impact driver accessories, completing a wide range of innovative drilling, driving and extracting accessories. 


The new series features four key ranges: the Double-Ended Power Bits, a Tapcon Installation System, Bolt-grip and Screw-grip extractors, as well as a wide variety of accessories, enabling tradesmen to do more with their impact drivers than ever before. 


With the most common usage of impact drivers being fastening, Irwin’s Double-Ended Power Bits offer an improved driving functionality and the convenience of having two tips in one bit, eliminating the time spent searching for a replacement bit between applications. 


Exclusive technology 

These bits feature Irwin’s exclusive DoubleLok Technology which securely locks both ends of the bit into impact drivers and quickchange chucks. The Tapcon Installation System is compatible with standard drill/ drivers, but especially designed for use with impact drivers. 


The system combines a bit and drill/drive sleeve to make Tapcon installation faster and easier. The one-piece construction bit features a built-in hex collar stop for drilling the perfect hole depth for Tapcon and other masonry screws, allowing users to drill precise pilot holes every time. 


The Bolt-grip Impact Performance Series extractors feature patented reverse spiral flutes, engineered to provide maximum gripping power to remove broken, damaged or rusted nuts, bolts and screws. Manufactured with high carbon steel for improved durability, the extractors have a universal lobular design that fits all types of fasteners. 


The new Screw-grip Impact Performance Series extractors with DoubleLok Technology, which enables both ends of the bit to lock into impact drivers and quick-change chucks, are designed to easily remove damaged screws and small bolts with a single bit in three steps: drill, flip bit and extract. 


Additional fastener driving impact accessories available in the Impact Performance Series are bit holders, magnetic nutsetters and deep well sockets.

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