Adhesives and sealants product range overhauled


After entering the construction adhesives and sealant category three years ago, Henkel has announced an overhaul of the Loctite product range and its packaging to reflect Loctite’s new brand motto — “Advanced technology for you.”

The new packaging pays homage to the brand’s famous industrial and engineering heritage, whilst being fresh and modern.

These changes reflect the huge investment Henkel makes into research and development to make people’s lives easier. This approach is what helps Henkel to stay ahead of the pack as the world’s largest adhesives manufacturer, and keep brands such as Loctite fuelled with market leading technology.

Available from the start of August, Loctite’s new look comes with a great new way to find the right product for the job. Adhesives are now smartly packaged in black and sealants in grey, so even from a distance it is easy to tell what kind of product you are looking at.

Each product has been given a unique colour code to increase recognition at point of sale, while product names simply state what the product does.

With the new look for Loctite comes several additional products, including a new shower lining and mirror adhesive, based on Henkel’s revolutionary Flextec Modified-Silane (MS) technology, bucking the trend of using solvent adhesives for shower lining.

There’s also a new bathroom and kitchen silicone, while older products have had their usefulness clarified with Loctite’s clever alphanumeric naming conventions.

Fast-selling product PL Premium is now packaged as MP5000 Multipurpose Polyurethane Adhesive (the “MP” stands for Multipurpose and the “5000” for Polyurethane), while PL400 is now packaged as SF4000 Subfloor Solvent-based Adhesive (again, the “SF” standing for “Subfloor” and the “4000” for Solvent-based).

As you’ll see, it’s crystal clear what these products have been formulated to be best at!

You can find the great new range of innovative Loctite adhesive and sealant products at your local Carters building merchant.

For more information on Loctite or Henkel, call 0508 735 568.

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