‘Green’ adhesive delivers fast initial grab


Nailbond FAST is one of Sika’s new generation of low VOC, or no solvent, construction adhesives.

This water-based, multi-purpose adhesive delivers fast initial grab and high bond strength. Builders get the same job done in the same time, but with no solvent to breathe, handle or taint the surrounding environment.

Nailbond FAST is also Green Building Council-compliant, having been independently tested as a general purpose construction adhesive for the purpose of Green Star rating.
No solvents are added or used during the manufacture of the product.

The Sika range of Nailbond adhesives have been used in the New Zealand construction industry for more than 40 years.

For more information visit http://nzl.sika.com/en/solutions_products/02/02a012/02a012sa03.html

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