New GIB wet area systems book rewritten


The GIB Aqualine Wet Area Systems book has been reviewed, redesigned and rewritten as part of Winstone Wallboards ongoing programme to make GIB Systems easier for customers to specify and install.

Improved features include:

Wider range of typical wet area details,

Easier to access specification information,

Easier to access installation information,

Clearer pictorial recommendations,

Simpler tiling construction methods,

Clarified tile weights for GIB Aqualine, and

Enhanced non-residential wet area information.

Protection for your business

The above features combine to help make specification and installation of appropriate wet area materials and systems clearer and easier, and reduce the likelihood of mistakes and problems occurring.

What should you do?

Users of GIB Aqualine Wet Area Systems will notice some significant changes, and should review this technical literature in detail to become familiar with the changes. 
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