Showerdome saves energy and maintenance costs


Extended research conducted by a leading New Zealand University has shown that a Showerdome, when used correctly, may pay for itself within two years.

Independently tested by the University of Waikato in January and August of 2011 to equate for summer and winter seasons, Showerdome proved successful at lowering humidity and sustaining air temperature in the bathroom.

This greatly reduced dampness, as no steam was created in the shower cubicle.

University of Waikato professor Dr James Carson says the results highlighted the short-term and long-term monetary benefit of owning a Showerdome.

“Depending on the consumer’s use of electric heaters to preheat or dry out a bathroom, plus their use of heated towel rails, the Showerdome could save a consumer in the region of hundreds of dollars per year,” Dr Carson says.

“Indirect savings due to reduced maintenance and healthcare costs may also result from the installation of a Showerdome.”

According to estimates within the Waikato University research paper, heating a bathroom for half an hour a day with a 2.4kw electric heater would cost around $100 per annum, while using a 0.15kw heated towel rail for 12 hours a day would cost around $156 pa.

Showerdome also renders mirror demisters and ceiling fans redundant. Combining all of these factors, an installed Showerdome may save home owners around $250 a year in energy costs alone.

Showerdome chief executive Maurice O’Reilly says the findings of the study are testament to the product’s value in New Zealand homes.

“Anecdotal feedback from our customers related to consistent savings has shown that they now have far less use for heaters, mirror demisters, ceiling fans or heated towel rails thanks to Showerdome,” Mr O’Reilly says.

“Customers have also expressed the benefits in terms of reduced maintenance costs. Many have said their wallpaper doesn’t peel anymore, mould and mildew don’t grow in the bathroom, and the house doesn’t feel as damp.”

Significant health benefits

As well as monetary benefits, Showerdome also offers significant health benefits. The main health benefit is that steam created from the shower is not able to flow into adjoining rooms, reducing condensation, mould, mildew and mites, and creating warmer, drier, healthier homes.

A New Zealand invention, Showerdome is a clear acrylic dome that, when fitted onto the top of a shower, prevents steam from forming.

Steam only forms when warm moist air from the shower collides with cold air outside the shower. This means that with a Showerdome, the shower and bathroom are completely steam free.

A Showerdome costs $276 plus installation of around $135 to $150, depending on the region. For more information visit

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