Smart flushing loos combat water price hike


Australian-made smart flushing toilets could be just the ticket for Aucklanders seeking to combat increased water charges.

Designed to help reduce water use in drought-stricken Australia, the new generation dual-flush toilets have the potential to save tens of thousands of litres a year.

“Water is an increasingly scarce commodity and the trend worldwide is to use less and be more careful with it,” according to Caroma Industries NZ general manager Scott Simpson.

“For Aucklanders wanting to beat water price hikes, it makes sense to install water-efficient loos. It’s all about making water work harder and using less,” he says.

“Caroma’s Smartflush toilet suites use just 4.5 litres for a full and thorough flush as opposed to the old style single flush cisterns that can use 11 litres or more.

“Most existing dual flush toilets use at least 6 litres, so reducing it down to just 4.5 litres for a full flush is a huge saving.

“For an average household the saving could be up to 35,000 litres a year.

“It just makes sense to take advantage of the new technology when building or renovating, especially when the new loos are no more expensive than the old inefficient models,” he says.

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