Acceptable Solution to flashing problems


E2/AS1 is an Acceptable Solution covering the weathertightness of the building envelope. Buildings built in accordance with Acceptable Solutions such as this are automatically deemed to comply with the Building Code, and designs based on these must be accepted by building consent authorities.

Alternative Solutions may be used provided they can be demonstrated as meeting the required performance standards stipulated in the Building Code. Obtaining approval of an Alternative Solution may be time-consuming and involved and, unless the desired product or method provides some substantial benefit to the project over an Acceptable Solution, it simply may not be worth the hassle, cost and uncertainty.

Flashings are covered extensively in E2/AS1 and, in most situations, there is no advantage in going down the Alternative Solution route. For this reason Quickflash Ready-Made Flashings are made in accordance with E2/AS1 and are, therefore, Acceptable Solutions when used appropriately.

The flashing materials, dimensions, laps, folds, angles, upstands and overhangs are as recommended by E2/AS1. In short, this means no hassles with building inspections or code compliance.

Quickflash provides the most extensive range of ready-made flashings within New Zealand, which are available through building supplies merchants nationwide.

Free technical advice, CDs and catalogues showing flashing dimensions and installation diagrams can be viewed, and the designs in various formats can be downloaded from

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