Building a successful construction business


With the slow down in the construction industry it is a great time to review systems and procedures in your business.

This can include a review of the staffing resources to make best use of the talent of those who help you grow your business.

It is also a good time to reflect on some of those business decisions made in the past, and check that the controls put in place since have helped ensure you can face the challenges ahead.

Databuild works closely with the industry to help grow its clients’ businesses. Providing software to some of New Zealand’s most successful builders, Databuild and its consulting network are there to assist all their customers grow their business, even in difficult times.

The company does this by implementing business controls which include rapid estimating, accurately costed quotes (no guestimating), simple price catalogue maintenance and quote request features.

This is in addition to the company’s purchase order and a “live” job costing system which provides accurate forecasting and a comprehensive general ledger accounting system for balance sheet, profit/loss and GST reporting.

The Construction Contracts Act is easily handled in document control functionality, and customer service issues are easily identified with contact management systems.

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