Cloud Computing saving time and money for construction firms


Although the challenges faced by small businesses every day in every industry may be similar in nature, never are they more acute than in the construction industry.

Low margins lead to increased workloads and less time spent managing and improving.

ACRIS Services identified the residential construction industry as a sector most likely to under-utilise technology to help manage their businesses.

This provided Russ Stephens the inspiration to create a company with the vision to increase profits and reduce working hours for builders and subcontractors.

Today, ACRIS Services is assisting contractors across five countries to improve their quality of life and increase their profits through Software as a Service.

Software as a Service is a method of providing software to users over the internet. Otherwise known as Cloud Computing or Online Software, this is the future of software delivery.

The traditional method of installing software on a local computer or an internal server is now in rapid decline due to being expensive and inaccessible.

Affordable computing

By contrast, Cloud Computing is affordable, with no upfront costs or ongoing hardware and support costs associated with traditional in-house server set-ups.

Bill Gates famously predicted that by 2015, four out of five of the world’s servers would be cloud-based.

The main benefits of computing in the cloud are:

Low cost.

Automated backup and recovery.

Regular updates.

Accessible from anywhere.

This is why all of the software solutions provided by ACRIS Services are cloud-based. The company has researched solutions from around the world for builders and subcontractors, and has been able to put together a comprehensive package covering:

CRM (automated marketing to potential clients).

Estimating (with free plan sharing and live discussion features).

Project Management (with client login for selections).

Health & Safety (online documentation for iPad and computers).

Accounting (online access allowing your bookkeeper to connect remotely).

These solutions are saving the company’s clients time and money. Call ACRIS now on 04 889 2274 and find out what they can do for your business.

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