Durable plan printing service is a winner


Carters has secured a unique service to help builders by offering New Zealand’s toughest plans!

The building plans are printed on Tyvek — similar to the material used for building wraps, which makes them extremely durable and able to withstand harsh conditions onsite.

Apart from being the toughest plans, they are also cost-effective.

Traditional plans are usually printed on plain paper in black and white due to the expense of colour. They will often be laminated for protection, but become inflexible because they cannot be written on or rolled or folded away. More often than not they will need to be reprinted.

So, why are the tough plans so good?

Tear proof: They cannot be torn, but can be rolled and folded away.

Water proof: They will withstand the harshest conditions, including mud, oil or coffee spills.

Smudge proof: They can be written on.

Cheaper than standard black and white laminated plans by approximately 30%.

They can be affordably printed in colour.

How do you get these plans? 

There’s no need to go to a special printer, because you can order them online — and there’s a guaranteed 48 hour turnaround with a minimal delivery charge!

You can upload digital PDFs or AutoCAD files from your computer to the Carters web site at www.carters.co.nz.

You can drop digital and hard copies of plans into a Carters branch where they will be sent for processing.

Multiple copies can be printed for distribution to subcontractors.

Builder feedback has been good since the service began around October last year. So for more information visit the Carters web site and click on the Carters Plan Printing Service link.

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