Dust extractors that keep going when others have run out of breath


The new Starmix iPulse Asbestos dust extractor featuring the Intelligent Pulse Filter Cleaning “iPulse” sets a new standard in hazardous dust control. 

Starmix hazardous and asbestos series machines are compliant with the latest European standards. The optimal, certified filter with up to 99.997% dust retention capacity is BGIA-certified for “M” and “H” dust classes.

Combining this feature with the constant smart electronic monitoring of filter status and patented permanent filter cleaning function, this machine is an intelligent essential for any hazardous dust application. Rugged construction ensures this machine will survive the toughest worksite, as shown on the “Can It Break” episodes on the Intex web site. 

For more information: 

sales@intex.co.nz for a catalogue 

0800 278 276 


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