Estimating software ‘thinks like a builder!’


Every so often a new product comes along that changes the way builders do things forever. Years ago in the construction industry two such tools were nail guns and drop saws. These saved so much time and money when introduced, that they are now taken for granted.

Now a new time and money saving tool, tried and tested in the industry, has been developed that makes these tools look old fashioned.

QuoteFast is a unique estimating program, developed by a building estimator of 30 years, that can literally quote most of your new house, renovations and light commercial jobs in about 30 minutes. The software is driven by “clicking on pictures” of what you want to cost, so it’s very user-friendly.

The latest version of QuoteFast has an optional module called SCANPLAN attached which enables users to scan plans into the QuoteFast program, and in less than 15 minutes on average, it will take off all the quantities needed to cost a job.

QuoteFast isn’t just an estimating program. It also prints out a full coloured, picture quote book for clients, and even prints scopes of works for all subbies while calculating what their quotes should be. It has a job diary to record site activities and wet weather delays, and much more.

Program designer Paul Moir has attached 92 short 1-2 minute Help Training Videos to the program. It also has Audio Help messages called “Talk ‘n’ Teach” which actually talk the user through that item.

It’s easy to master without the user having to be a computer whiz, as the software thinks like a builder. It automatically allows for things such as wastage and overlaps. It’s accurate down to a box of nails, and labour costs are calculated using their unique “Think like a Builder” labour calculator.

These can be changed quickly to suit each builder. Users can even watch a demo video and download a free 30-day trial of the full program from

Mr Moir says for years builders have wanted a fast, easy to use, estimating program where they didn’t have to be a computer whiz.

“QuoteFast, whose name says it all, is that program. I’ve simply put into it all the things I needed when I was estimating.”

In Australia, QuoteFast is the official estimating program of the Master Builders Association in the ACT.

“Now we’ve developed a Kiwi version for New Zealand builders. It includes all New Zealand material and labour prices and building techniques, and was featured at the RMBF national conference in New Plymouth this year. Users can even download their favourite local suppliers’ price lists into the program.

“I’m half Kiwi myself, as my dad was born in Dunedin, but I still get bagged about the Wallabies and All Blacks, so I come back with fish and chups or fush and chips, and we all have a good laugh. Kiwi builders are adopting QuoteFast really well, and we’re here to stay.

“For the past seven years in Australia, we’ve been running a campaign called ‘Giving Builders back to their Families’. This campaign has enabled builders to spend more time with their families and much less time stuck in their offices doing quotes.”

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