Flexible tape features high grade bitumen


Watertight is a flexible flashing tape used around framed joinery openings as a secondary weather-resistant barrier.

It is designed to prevent water penetration around window and door openings at framing junctions, and to keep any water that gets past the cladding or through the joinery from coming into direct contact with the framing to which Watertight has been applied.

Techno Insulation, the company that imports and distributes the tape, says Watertight offers builders a tape made with the best raw materials, but still at an affordable price.

It is a multi-layered 1.5mm-thick tape that offers improved nail sealing ability. The top layer is pure aluminium, while the second layer is made of high-strength polyethylene raffia. The third layer is a self-adhesive bitumen and the last layer is made of siliconised polyethylene.

The bitumen in the tape has been designed for New Zealand climatic conditions, with an installation temperature range between 5°C and 50°C,” Techno Insulation director Sasha Dontschenko says.

“In other words, if the incorrect type of bitumen is used — for example, if it is formulated for the temperature range of a tropical climate — then it may crack during installation in the South Island winter.

“Bitumen has proven to be the most effective barrier against water penetration. Construction in New Zealand requires reliable products that will last longer, save energy and give peace of mind to builders and home owners.

“Watertight has a service life as long as the cladding,” Mr Dontschenko says.

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