Flextec products feature MS technology


The next evolution in Modified Silane (MS) technology can be found in revolutionary Flextec products by Loctite.

Loctite sealants with Flextec Inside have much the same properties as polyurethane and silicone sealants, but with far fewer drawbacks.

The same can be said of Loctite adhesives that use Flextec — they have the benefits of solvent and polyurethane adhesives, but fewer downsides.

The secret to Flextec MS technology is all in the chemistry, which has been a roaring success overseas, particularly in Europe.

All Loctite Flextec products remain flexible at low temperatures for superior gunnability, will adhere to almost all substrates (even if damp), have great paintability and no harmful solvents or isocyanates, unlike many older adhesive and sealant technologies.

These qualities were designed with builders in mind to reduce time and effort wasted on site.

Three Flextec products are now available to the New Zealand market as part of Loctite’s 6000 MS range. They are:

FJ6000 (Facade and Joint MS Sealant)

WP6000 (Wallboard and Panel MS Adhesive)

AS6000 (Adhesive Sealant MS Hybrid)

In addition to the benefits these products receive from being made with Flextec technology, they each have their own specific qualities.

For instance, Loctite FJ6000 is not only certified to a movement capability of 25% as you would expect, but helps joints retain a cleaner finish due to its shorter tack-free time, which reduces potential for dirt to stick to the sealant as it cures.

Loctite AS6000, too, has more than meets the eye. Not exactly a sealant as the white packaging may suggest, AS6000 is actually a hybrid adhesive and sealant, featuring basically every quality you could ask for in one product.

With built-in primer, high bond strength and initial tack certified to 25% movement capability, AS6000 can even be used to fill and repair cracks.

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