Headaches, light headedness and skin irritation?


Daily exposure to harsh elements like LOSP, timber, dirt, steel, concrete and chemicals can lead to headaches, skin irritation and dermatitis. 

LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) is a white spirits-based wood preservative contained in products such as framing, fascia, weatherboards, sills and window and door joinery.

These preservatives contain combinations of fungicides and insecticides. Some people experience skin irritation, headaches and light headedness when using LOSP treated timber. 

Manufacturers of LOSP strongly recommend an application of barrier cream. JOB Protective Glove acts as a glove to protect your hands, wrists and forearms. 

Other LOSP protection tips:

Do not transport LOSP treated timber in an enclosed environment.

Wear gloves and long sleeves for protection against splinters and cuts during handling.

Wear protective glasses and a filter mask when sawing, sanding or machining treated timber.

Wear an apron to protect clothing when working with solvent damp timber.

If LOSP preservative or treated sawdust accumulates on clothes, wash separately before reuse.

Wash hands after handling LOSP before eating.

The product is available in selected Carters & Mitre 10 stores nationwide.

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