High performer sealant/adhesive


Holdfast Fix All MS 220LM is a neutral, high performance flexible sealant/adhesive, based on MS Polymer technology.

The product has a current BRANZ appraisal (Cert. 419). It conforms to the New Zealand Building Code and has a durability opinion of 15 years.

It has excellent adhesion even in adverse conditions. It resists mould growth and has superior elongation, allowing movement accommodation of up to 900%.

It is capable of primerless adhesion on many substrates, which means it is easy to tool and finish. Its high bond strength makes Fix All MS 220LM an excellent product for expansion and connection joints in the building industry.

As well as being solvent and isocyanate-free, it is UV resistant and can be painted with most paint systems.

It is available in 290ml cartridges and 600ml sausages. Colours available are white, grey and black. For further information visit www.holdfast.co.nz.

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