IGUs — they’re not all the same


Warning! Not all double glazing (IGUs) are the same. The implementation of new H1 legislation means a wider use of glazing options are coming into use.

Builders should ask themselves the following questions:

Q How do you optimise your aluminium joinery’s insulation performance without the additional cost of a thermally improved frame?

A Ensure a 12mm or 14mm spacer is used. 

Q Does it cost more to use a 12mm or 14 mm spacer over say an 8mm spacer?

A No, they cost the same. 

Q What benefit does a glazing platform of 24mm offer?

A It provides greater flexibility for designers to use a wider combination of glass types — in combination with the optimum spacers 12mm or 14mm — to increase thermal performance.

Q If 12mm to 14mm is optimal, why are there larger sizes?

A In rare cases larger spacers may be required due to high wind deflection.

Q Why are smaller spacers commonly used?

A Commonly, residential suites have a maximum 20mm glazing pockets, reducing performance. Nulook is an exception.

Nulook’s WeatherTight suite has been designed to provide for this eventuality.

All designed for 24mm glazing

Nulook’s standard sliding doors and recently released UrbanSlider and Sovereign series are all designed to accommodate 24mm IGUs.

In fact, all Nulook’s WeatherTight products will accommodate 24mm glazing.

So before you add Argon or Low E to your specification make sure you have the correct spacer specified.

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