InsulPro launches lightweight, printable, acoustic ceiling tiles


New Zealand polyester insulation manufacturer, InsulPro, has launched new acoustic ceiling tiles for the commercial construction sector that are lightweight, affordable and printable.


Made in New Zealand using 100% polyester fibres, the new Novahush acoustic ceiling tiles weigh just 1.1kg (1600 gsm) — up to 50% lighter than traditional mineral fibre tiles, with associated benefits of easy installation and lighter seismic loading within suspended ceiling grids.

The safety issue of ceiling tiles dislodging was highlighted in New Zealand’s recent seismic activity.

Acoustic performance

The tiles have a high noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.8, making them particularly suitable for offices, schools, call centres and public places.

The new tiles can be used in combination with other InsulPro acoustic products, including Novahush insulation blanket, bafflestack, panel absorber and duct liners to enhance a building’s acoustic performance.

Ready to install

The standard Novahush acoustic ceiling tile surface is a pre-printed, grey speckled design, measures 1195 x 595 x 18mm, and is packaged in boxes of 10 tiles.

Customised print

The tile has a printable face which allows it to be printed with any design. The print flexibility ranges from full colour photography to simple graphics and corporate logos. It’s only bounded by your imagination.

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