Joinery provides challenge in technically difficult project


On a windy, steep Parnell, Auckland, road that once carried horses and carts there is a new and very interesting house, tucked in amongst the hills.

It has been two years in the making and is almost finished. Hughes Construction project manager Jeff Harriman has found it a challenging project with considerable technical difficulty to overcome.

The construction is concrete block with a European Sto Plaster System. This system is prefinished with colour, water proofing and plaster.

The joinery provided the greatest challenge, with technical detailing required to marry into precision requirements.

Fairview Architectural Suite was used for the over-height doors, and the Aluminium Systems Evolution suite for the windows.

Fairview Window Solutions, the joinery manufacturers, had to think outside the square to provide solutions for the overall vision and, therefore, the necessary finish. For instance, sliding doors had to interlock into a concrete post and slide in behind the corner windows.

And for those with a technical bent, Matthew Bowden from Fairview Window Solutions explains.

“The sliding doors were a challenge with void clearances 5mm either side, demanding tight manufacturing clearances to ensure everything fitted. They were rebated into the concrete floor using custom-made sill trays,” Mr Bowden says.

“The panels had to interlock on to an applied interlocker with box section fitted as well, to produce the continuous lines around the panels.

“Some of the door panels slid down the outside of the walls and others slid inside pillars.”

The owners have been integral to the project all the way, and will surely be thrilled with the final result.

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