Kiwi company achieves highest colour accuracy with LED lighting system


Kiwi company Page + Co has developed a ground-breaking new LED lighting system that produces a CRI rating of 95-97% colour accuracy, something it says no other company in New Zealand has achieved.

Retailers Z Energy, Kathmandu, Icebreaker and Bendon have been quick to adopt Page & Co’s unique lighting system.

“LED lighting traditionally has a deficiency in the red spectrum that we have effectively solved by combining existing componentry in a way never seen before,” Page + Co owner Bruce Page says.

“This has obvious benefits for an environment such as retail stores where colour accuracy is at a premium.”

“High accuracy means skin tones and products look vibrant and ultimately appeal to customers,” he says.

The new LED lighting system achieves some of the highest scores in the world on the Colour Rendering Index (CRI).

A score of more than 95 means the eye can pick up the slightest variations in colour, details are sharper and the overall visual impression is vivid.

While many LED brands in use score about 80 on the CRI scale, the LED system by Page + Co comes with a CRI score of over 95-97, which puts it practically on a par with sunlight.

Along with this, the Page + Co LED lighting system delivers all the benefits of LED lighting in terms of energy efficiency and durability, with the LED system lasting for 50,000 hours.

Page + Co specialises in large scale retail developments, and the business was founded in Auckland a staggering five generations ago by the forebears of the current owners.

With more than 90 in-house specialists, the company offers integrated services ranging from design to manufacture, project management, fit out, display and ongoing maintenance.

Page + Co’s ability to rapidly innovate on behalf of its clients was the impetus to push in to lighting.

“We saw the need to provide our clients with a premium range of LEDs specifically for the retail environment that would ultimately increase their sales through an enhanced customer experience,” Mr Page says.

“Our lighting range complements our integrated services, providing a one-stop shop for retailers and offering significant savings, and quicker speed to market,” he says.

Manufacturing takes place in Page + Co’s 2500 sq m facility in Henderson, Auckland. This highly efficient operation makes extensive use of computer numerical control (CNC) equipment to help achieve exceptional cost efficiencies.

The factory runs 10 hours a day, seven days a week.


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