Local technology reduces pressure on New Zealand landfills


A new, locally-made building product has been launched to try and reduce the 163,000 tonnes of concrete dumped in New Zealand landfills each year.

According to recent Ministry for the Environment statistics, construction waste makes up 17% of the 3.2 million tonnes of refuse dumped in New Zealand landfills annually.

Auckland company Cemix has developed a new product to provide an environmentally-friendly option for home DIY Kiwis and tradesmen alike.

Cemix Envirocrete is a blended concrete mix which contains 50% recycled materials, including recycled concrete, fly ash (a post industrial by-product) and cement.

Cemix managing director Bhav Dhillon says the new Envirocrete is a more sustainable concrete choice for builders and renovators who don’t want to sacrifice performance.

Mr Dhillon says the new recycled crushed concrete is a sustainable alternative to natural aggregates, which means that consumption of non-renewable resources such as riverbeds and quarries can be reduced considerably.

“Any community that opts for this product will reduce their environmental footprint by cutting landfill volume and preserving non-renewable virgin aggregate.”

Mr Dhillon says for every 1000 tonnes of Envirocrete produced there is a reduction on landfill volume by 500 tonnes, and a further 500-tonne reduction on depletion of the virgin, natural, non-renewable aggregate resource by the same amount.

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