Make electrical wiring safe with plastic coating


Bare electrical wires and joins can now be made safe by coating with a special protective product called Liquid Tape.

It works in the same way as roll tape, but is more convenient and easier to use in confined spaces since it can also be applied with a brush, as well as dipped. It is a companion product to Plasti Dip, a plastic coating for tool handles and other products.


Liquid Tape is designed especially for use with electrical wiring as a brush-on insulator. There is also a spray-on version.

It provides a thicker synthetic rubber coating that makes it highly suited to covering bare wires, terminals and other electrical connections to protect them from moisture and salt penetration. It can also prevent terminal screws from vibrating loose. It can withstand extreme temperature variations and harsh environments.

“Two or three coats of Liquid Tape will provide the same sort of protection as traditional vinyl insulation tape and it won’t go hard or brittle, either,” according to Bruce Walker of Griffiths Equipment, the New Zealand distributor of the product.


Liquid Tape will not crack, peel or harden, and remains flexible even under extreme conditions, unlike vinyl-based products.

It is ideally suited to a number of applications, including protection of electrical connections and components on boats (eg, bilge pumps), trailers, RVs, trucks, contracting equipment, agricultural equipment and around the home for swimming pool pumps, garden lighting, underground cabling and security systems.

Brush-on tins of Liquid Tape are available in either red or black to help with identification of wiring. The spray can version comes in black or clear. 

It is available through leading hardware outlets and automotive accessory retailers.

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