Natural ways to colour timber


Recent trends towards coloured floors and woodwork mean home owners are always looking for fresh and new ways to achieve this. When the criteria also includes finding natural products, the choice is more limited.

Wood Varnish, supplied by natural paint company, Bio Paints, is a breathable environmentally-friendly oil or water-based varnish for coating timber surfaces.

It creates a smooth coloured coating which can range from a semi-translucent to opaque finish, depending on the type of application.

Bio Paints Wood Varnish can be used to add colours ranging from elegant deep ebony and chocolate through to pale blonded weathered effects for floors, beams, furniture and toys.

The product can be brushed, rolled or sprayed, with different effects being achieved by the method of application and number of coats. Subsequent coats can be applied for a darker colour, or the product can be wiped off with a rag for a transparent wash-effect.

A colour wash in white is an effective way to mask the yellowing effect of aged pine and other timbers prone to yellowing.

The product is suitable for interior and exterior use, although white and clear are only suitable for interior. Oil-based Wood Varnish can be used for colouring floors, architraves, skirtings, doors, cabinetry, kitchen benchtops, furniture and toys.

Water-based Wood Varnish can be used for architraves, skirtings, doors, toys, fences and cladding. A harder finish can be obtained by topcoating with Bio Paints Hard Varnish.

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