Paint without plastic


Health and the environment are hot topics everywhere right now. So when a family is planning to build a new home, reassurance that the safest products available are being used is a top priority.

Hearing that there is a premium quality paint available — Bio Paints Wall Paint — that is natural, environmentally-friendly and VOC-free will be good news to prospective clients. So too will the fact that it is made from a blending of plant oils, tree resins and earth clays, and is based on traditional recipes. 

The pleasant smell helps to make painting a much more enjoyable experience too — whether the painting is undertaken by the owners or by a professional. Whoever applies the product can do it in the knowledge that their health is being protected, not compromised.

For the family that moves into the home, their health continues to be protected because there are no chemicals off-gassing from the walls. Another advantage to using Bio Paints Wall Paint is that it provides a breathable coating for walls, inhibiting the growth of moulds and fungi. It does not seal walls like the plastic bag effect of acrylic paints.

The washable paint comes in a distinctive colour range containing beautiful hues from subtle shades to bright tones. A free colour chart is available from the Bio Paints web site at or call 0800 472 468.

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