Repairs to plasterboard walls and ceilings


Repairs to plasterboard can be easily done, ranging from minor damage such as scratches, dents and chips to holes in a wall or ceiling.

Different products are best suited for different types of repairs. Winstone Wallboards has a range of GIB products well suited to make these repairs easy and to create a professional finish.

Ready-to-use compounds are ideal for small repairs such as scratches, dents and cracks. They can be applied straight from the pail with a broad knife or similar, and once dry can be sanded smooth, ready for painting or decorating.

Ready mix compounds shrink back, and larger or deeper scratches (for example, around 2mm to 10mm, but not holes) may require multiple coats to achieve a perfectly flat finish. Ensure each coat is dry before applying the next coat and before painting or decorating.

The 4 litre pail of GIB Plus 4 or the 2 litre pail of GIB RediFilla are ideal easy-to-use ready mix repair compounds, and can easily create a professional finish.

For holes or damage larger than 10mm wide, a setting compound such as GIB TradeFilla 10 is recommended.

Setting compounds harden with a chemical reaction that converts plaster to gypsum. Setting occurs after mixing with water and a specified working time — 10 minutes for GIB TradeFilla. GIB TradeFilla is ideal for repair work or stopping short joints because:

it does not shrink, 

before it hardens it can be scraped back smooth, 

if a second coat is necessary it can be applied quickly, and 

once dry it can be sanded smooth ready for painting or decorating.

GIB TradeFilla can be used to fill holes up to 20mm in diameter (more than most other setting compounds). For larger holes a back block is required. Note a higher skill level is required when fast setting compounds are used compared to ready mixed compounds.

To fill gaps where plasterboard comes up against other materials such as timber skirting or architraves, a flexible filler is required.

GIB Gapfiller is ideal for sealing gaps between plasterboard and other materials such as timber, plastic, tiles and bricks. It is water based, easy to work with, can be painted, and has great adhesion and flexibility.

For instructions and videos on how to repair damaged plasterboards lining, visit
Call the GIB Helpline on 0800 100 442 for more information on compounds and fasteners you can also use for your bathroom renovation.

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