Shoo fly


Good old kiwi ingenuity has resulted in another first for Resene.

Musca domestica, otherwise known as the common housefly, is a well known cosmopolitan pest responsible for transporting disease-carrying organisms and damaging surfaces.

When resting, adults regurgitate a liquid that results in spots on the surface combined with other darker spots, both of which can be difficult to remove without damaging the paint surface.

Resene has found a way to resolve the unwanted fly spot nuisance through a novel approach — create a surface that flies don’t like landing on and you’ll minimise the appearance of fly spots.

This novel concept has been formulated into Resene SpaceCote Flat Fly Deterrent, designed to discourage flies from landing on areas painted with the product and minimising the appearance of fly spots and keeping the paint finish looking its best for longer.

Extensive testing by an accredited laboratory has shown significant reductions in fly spots compared to standard paint systems. The product combines all the benefits and performance of Resene SpaceCote with the added bonus of fly deterrent.

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