Solvent-free sealer requires no primer


Fix All High Tack MS is a high quality single component joint sealer with high adhesive strength, and is based on MS polymer technology, chemically neutral and fully elastic.

It can be applied to a wide variety of substrates, with a high bond strength and fast cure on nearly all surfaces, even when damp.

It is also resistant to many chemicals and withstands mould growth, making it suitable for sanitary and kitchen applications.

Due to the product having unique adhesion promoters, it requires no primer. It is very easy to tool, creating a faster and more superior finish.

It has high instant tack reducing the need for initial support, which saves time and money, and it is colour stable, UV-resistant and can be painted with all water based paints.

The flexible rubber characteristic allows a movement accommodation of up to 20%.

Its ecological advantages are another plus — it is free of isocyanates, solvents, halogens and acids. It has minimal health and safety considerations because of its solvent-free and completely neutral nature.

Fix All Hightack MS is available in 290ml cartridges, and comes in black, grey, white, and bronze.

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