Stop bleeding fast — with Celox!


Get bleeding under control with new Celox, the must-have for every First Aid kit.

A biological solution to stop bleeding, Celox prevents blood loss by forming a gel-like clot over a wound within seconds.

Available in granules, nose bleed pads, and gauze pads, Celox is an essential First Aid item for minor and major cuts, lacerations, abrasions and nose bleeds — ideal for builders, tradesmen and sportsmen alike.

Celox is perfect for people on blood thinning medication such as heparin and warfarin, and has been tested and proven to control bleeding in people on anticoagulants. The revolutionary product is also effective for those with medical conditions such as haemophilia and anaemia.

Easy to apply and simple to remove, Celox can stop severe bleeding from a severed artery, or minor bleeding from everyday wounds. The gel-like clot created by Celox works significantly faster than the normal clotting process, and can prevent even potentially fatal bleeding.

Made using chitosan — a derivative of shrimp and crab shells — Celox is broken down in the body by lysozyme, a natural enzyme, into glucosamine, which is found naturally in the body.
First produced to save lives on the battlefield, Celox was originally launched to the US military in 2006, and has since received international recognition.

To apply Celox granules, simply blot away any excess blood, water or dirt from the wound, tear open the Celox packet and pour enough granules onto the wound to cover the entire bleeding area.

Quickly cover with gauze or a bandage, and apply firm pressure for approximately five minutes. Once the bleeding has stopped, the granules can be washed from the wound with water or saline solution.

Or for problem nose bleeds related to sports, blood thinners, or if your child is simply going through a growth spurt, the Celox Nose Bleed Pad is ideal.

Place the pad in the nostril, ensuring contact with the site of bleeding and press. Many see stoppage in under a minute, with people on blood-thinning medication seeing results in as fast as under five minutes. Could be a game-saver or just another way of controlling a common bleed.

The products are available from Radius Pharmacy — the only nationwide stockist — or online at

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