System can be installed in any weather


Do you struggle with flexible flashing tape? Hate having to re-do it time and again when it comes unstuck? 

Do you think there must be a better way? Baritec is a rigid subsill flashing system, replacing the need for flashing tape and providing a solid, durable finish. 

The system is made up of three ASA plastic components — a moulded corner piece, an extruded length and a moulded joining piece for long window or door openings.

 All of the components interlock and are adhered with silicone to create a flat, watertight perimeter ready for window installation. 

Unlike its competitors, the Baritec system doesn’t rely on adhesion to the substrate. This means it can be installed in any weather or temperature conditions, without extra equipment or labour required. 

Is it difficult to install? 

Not at all — the work should be overseen by a Licensed Building Practitioner, but can be undertaken by anyone with general building experience, including apprentices. 

Builders nationwide are already using Baritec with excellent results in time savings. Many have reported Baritec installation to be significantly faster than traditional flashing tape, and many have been particularly enthusiastic about the time and labour saving benefits over the winter. 

We’ve also had consistent feedback about the peace of mind that Baritec provides. Leaky homes are a constant niggle, but with a solid, watertight perimeter like Baritec everyone from the specifier to the home owner and the builder can be assured that it can’t tear or come unstuck, no matter the weather or how many times the windows are pulled in and out. 

For more information: for some local builders’ assessments of the Baritec system and how it’s improving their build time and costs.

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