The Alumat advantage


Alumat has launched a new range of aluminium entrance matting designed to fill a need in commercial as well as a growing number of quality residential buildings.

Many specifiers and builders are familiar with the often used aluminium strip and Coral Brush Activ infill used in many offices and shops throughout New Zealand.

The Alumat AL10 Interlock is designed to meet this need. It is just 10mm deep so it can be used in a shallow tile recess, or it can be surface mounted with the optional ramping option.
At first glance they appear to be the same as others on the market today, but closer examination shows the design and materials provide features of real improvement. 

For example:

The optional ramping on the AL10 Interlock is a neatly prefitted and integral part of the mat. So no special installation is required, and no drilling or screws into a marble floor to hold the separate ramping sections in place is required.

Overall infill coverage is increased to 80%, giving greater abrasion to clean shoes and to absorb moisture.

Superior 6463-T5 corrosion-resistant magnesium alloy is used instead of standard aluminium for longer life, and anodising is standard for all extrusions used.

Recommended infills are ribbed to improve cleaning function. Made by the leading Belgium manufacturer Bealieau Real, they come with a 5-year warranty. Coral Brush Activ is also available if required as an optional variation.

The most surprising aspect about the Alumat AL10 Interlock is that it will reduce costs from 25% to 30% or more on comparable matting systems.

However, Alumat offers much more than an alternative for the current aluminium and Coral Brush Activ infill mats. They make a comprehensive range to provide a total solution to cleaning foot traffic before entering a building.

Alumat’s Dave Probett says in Europe it is common to design entrances with different matting, both outside and inside the entry lobby, to properly clean shoes.

“The saving on cleaning and protecting the interior of the building beyond the entrance can be considerable, making the installation of a properly designed matting system an excellent investment,” Mr Probett says.

“To that end, Alumat has a range of different mats that, while looking similar, work quite differently in different situations. For example the AL10 Interlock is a closed interlocking mat ideal in sheltered entrances.

“And there is a range of open mats more suitable for outside all-weather situations that can drain. Mat depths can range from 10mm through to 40mm.”

Full specifications can be viewed at, and a brochure of available products and design considerations can be requested by phoning 09 473 1602.

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