The future is now!


Once considered a luxury of the rich and famous, a home automation system has arrived in New Zealand that is affordable, energy efficient and can be installed in any home.

Fibaro is already available in more than 50 countries around the world, and it takes home comfort and control to a new level.

Imagine it — you’ve just finished work and you’re about to drive home. Fibaro recognises you are arriving at home by tracking your mobile’s GPS.

Your heating goes on, the oven turns on and the blinds are closed. As you draw nearer, the lights ease on gradually throughout the house and your home is now ready for your arrival.

It is a revolutionary home automation system that is changing the way everyday people think, feel and interact with their homes. With affordable pricing, a smart, safe and energy efficient home is now within reach of New Zealand home owners.

It provides the power to control your house and everything in it from your mobile devices or computer. Checking the security of your house to watering the garden, home automation gives you complete control and peace of mind.

Installation causes minimal disruption, and unlike other systems it doesn’t require metres of cabling. There will be no holes in the walls, and you won’t even be able to see its tiny wireless components.

It can be fitted to any existing home and, in most cases, takes as little as one day. Fibaro saves money on power, gas and water consumption, and helps avoid unnecessary energy loss — for example, heating a room with an open window.

It prevents the air conditioning and the heating systems from working simultaneously, and it doesn’t light the garden on a sunny day or water it when it’s raining.

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