The tradesman’s choice


Telecom’s new XT Mobile Network, which is based on 3G Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) technology, launched just over a month ago.

The preferred Telecom dealer for the RMBF and BCITO, Total Network, understands the power of the XT Mobile Network. The company is encouraging RMBF members and BCITO apprentices and employers to switch over to enjoy the benefits the new network provides.

Total Network Wellington sales manager Chris McKelvey says Telecom’s network coverage is now a big winner for builders. The XT Mobile Network provides coverage in an impressive 97% of places where New Zealanders live and work.

“Builders will now benefit with better voice quality and consistent coverage, meaning fewer dropped calls and a reduction in broken or interrupted conversations,” he says.

The world-class 3G coverage is just one benefit the network provides. Others include a great choice of mobile phones and seamless global roaming, allowing you to use your mobile phone in 210 destinations around the world.

Mobile phones on the network include world-leading brands but, most important for builders Mr McKelvey says, “is the Telecom R90 mobile phone, otherwise known as the ‘tradesman’s choice’.”

Another popular model with the builders has been the Nokia 3120c.

He says they’ll help make the switch easy by offering RMBF members and BCITO apprentices and employers a discount on their new Telecom mobile phone when they sign up to a 24-month Association plan on the XT Mobile Network (ask Total Network about the terms and conditions that apply).

Total Network is 100% New Zealand-owned and operated. Its Wellington office includes a nationwide telesales centre, where RMBF and BCITO members can call the free calling number and sign up to Telecom products or services.

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