The true cost of guestimating


What is the value of 1% to your business, and are you missing items in your quantities take-offs?

If you miss a quote by as little as 1% on your jobs it can cost your business more than $50,000 a year, money that could be better spent in growing and developing your business.

This doesn’t even take into consideration the cost of unhappy clients facing delays in their builds, supervisors’ down time while driving to the merchant and collecting additional material, or extra delivery costs.

Databuild software provides you the ability to cost jobs quickly and accurately, using your price from your suppliers and build rates.

The use of the rapid graphical and question-based estimating allows the system to prompt you with questions that calculate accurate estimates. These estimates become your schedule of quantities, which becomes your orders to the suppliers.

The suppliers issue invoices back to you which are accurately costed, giving the user live feedback as to the financial forecast build costs and income on a job-by-job basis. Very powerful reporting puts you back in the driver’s seat for your business.

A comprehensive general ledger accounting system ties all of your business together, and ensures information is entered correct the first time.

This allows you to bring all aspects of your business together with one system, and spend your limited time growing your business while giving you more time with the family.

Databuild consultants are available to meet with you and review your business needs. For a free onsite business review, contact 0800 080 009, or email [email protected].

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