To hire or buy?


How many of you are currently hiring Edge Protection from a scaffolding company? 

More to the point, how many of you are frustrated at the cost, time delays and damage caused by outside contractors who seemingly have little respect for time constraints, site efficiency and brand new roof coverings! This ultimately poses the question — do I continue to hire or do I buy my own system? When you crunch the numbers it’s a no brainer really. 

The lineal metre rate varies up and down the country but, on average, is around $22/m for edge protection only (a flat rate without weekly hire factored in). Apply this to the size and frequency of the jobs you undertake each year that don’t require actual scaffolding and you would be surprised at the amount spent on hireage. 

Of course, the cost is passed on to the consumer, but if you invested that money into a system that you and your team were able to erect yourselves on any given job, new or existing, without the need for formal qualifications and, best of all, on your own time, how could it not work in your favour, both financially and in site efficiency! If you are in the market to purchase your own equipment there are many things to take into account. 

My background is in building, particularly renovations, but I have also dabbled in commercial and new housing as well, so I have a good understanding of how things work in our given profession. As a builder I know that I want my tools to do three things — they need to be easy to use, multi-purpose and they need to pay for themselves quickly. 

Simplicity, versatility and cost. These are all key considerations when making any plant purchase decision. Of course, quality is paramount, and you can be assured of all of this with the entire range of systems from Edge Protection New Zealand Ltd. 

All of our bracket systems are NZ-designed and NZ-made, so you can rely on the fact that each one has been developed with you, the tradesman, in mind, and that it is absolutely the most cost-effective, versatile and easy-touse edge protection on the market. 

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