Unveiling the new Formica laminate range


Introducing never seen before decors, global-award winning texture and ingenious functionality, the Formica Laminate range takes the latest in international design and gives it a unique local flavour.

Eighteen new decors consisting of solid colours, stone patterns and woodgrains debut in the 2014 Formica Laminate range, bringing the standard Formica Colour Palette to a total of 138 colours.

Laminex New Zealand category manager Teresa Walsh says the new range has identified the most popular designs and colours from Europe, and adapted them to meet contemporary design needs in New Zealand.

“This has resulted in a stunning collection of decors that offers improved design flexibility and relevance to the Formica Laminate range, and makes it possible for designers and specifiers to explore new colour combinations across a wide range of interior applications, in commercial and domestic spaces,” she says.

“In line with the trend for practical write-and-wipe surfaces, we are introducing two new magnetic laminates for vertical use — a whiteboard gloss surface and a matt black chalkboard. This makes it simpler for designers to create fully functional, interactive interiors for offices, learning environments and retail spaces.”

Following the 100-year Formica celebration in 2013, the Formica brand continues to provide solutions to create interior spaces which combine aesthetic appeal and durability. This is demonstrated by the release of the beautifully textured Plex finish.

Exclusive to the Formica brand, Plex combines the colour and character of real metals with the practical, flexible properties of laminate. Created as a texture on top of real metal foils, Plex achieves a textile feel, with a crisp touch and low gloss sheen.

Designed to endure the day-to-day challenges of interior environments, the Formica Laminate range is durable and easy to clean, and is backed by an impressive seven-year limited warranty.

For more information visit www.formica.co.nz.

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