Versatile LED strobe lamp improves safety


Hang it. Hold it. Stick it. Balance it. The new portable LED safety warning lights from Narva are so amazingly versatile they can be used anywhere.

Forget about a separate warning light for individual applications. If you’ve ever wanted a strobe light that can be used in a number of situations, this is the one.

Called the Sentry LED strobe, it is handy in size — just 106mm in diameter at the base and 119mm in height, and it comes with a variety of attachment options.

Included in its design is a strong magnetic base that sticks to the roof or cab of a vehicle. Plus, it has a heavy-duty cord attached to the lens, allowing it to be tied on or suspended from a ladder, post or any other object, thus providing excellent versatility on a work site.

And if that’s not enough, the magnetic base can be swapped for a 45mm base-mounted handle that allows the strobe to be used as a traffic hand wand — and the handle has been made so that it can also fit into the opening of large traffic cones for static use.

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