Wall system launched recently


A new system for producing cast concrete panels has been launched recently.

Reids Construction Systems says the system comprises of large steel mobile casting beds, a modular formwork system and seismic reinforcing mesh.

The system now offers many unique and innovative features that have been developed over several years.

Two casting beds and formwork to suit were purchased by New Zealand Crane Hire. The beds are 12m long and 3.2m wide. These were then hired by Marra Construction in Tauranga, and have been used to produce the concrete panels in the new FIL process store in Mt Maunganui.

A total of 94 panels were cast for the job. Each panel is an average of 7m high and 4m wide, and weighs 11 tonnes. The panels were a mixture of 140mm and 175mm thick. Firth supplied 40MPA concrete and also undertook crush and Schmit Hammer tests.

The formwork system used was supplied by Reids. This comprised of LVL ripped to the correct dimension on site. The LVL formwork was capped with Reids’ extruded capping and fillet. The form release used on the beds was PINZ and the surface finish achieved was F5+.

The new system has significantly increased efficiency. Panels were produced to a high standard with a 17-hour turnaround, with lower labour and formwork costs.

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