Innovative approach drives expansion



The expansion of Registered Master Builders Association company Compass Homes into Auckland is a natural result of the demand for the company’s housing and innovative approach, according to director Garry Shuttleworth.


“Compass is very successful in the highly competitive Christchurch market, and also runs a thriving branch in Franklin. It’s now time to expand into Auckland,” he says.


“Concrete!” That’s the simple answer to the question of what makes Compass Homes unique.


“Compass Homes can build in traditional timber, and can also build in solid concrete, having been part of the development team for this process,” Mr Shuttleworth says.


“We’ve been refining this method so that we can now build standard 3 and 4 bedroom houses faster than traditional timber, at a very similar price point, taking advantage of concrete construction — a process that we believe is better than timber.


“Concrete doesn’t rot or leak, it’s earthquake, flood and fire-resistant, and its thermal properties are far better than a comparative timber house,” Mr Shuttleworth says.


“Up until now, even though concrete has been the best product to build with, it hasn’t been economic to build in concrete on a mass scale.


“But we’ve put together a very robust and detailed business model.


“First, we joint venture with our partners and bring in expertise to complement our people — whether that is sales and marketing or construction experience.


“Second, we fund the showhome, thereby taking away a formidable barrier to anyone looking to come on board with us.


“Third, we’ve also centralised all the things that builders would rather not do, such as quantity surveying, drawing and accounting.


“Because these things are all centralised they’re very economic to provide.


“Finally, our ability to build in solid concrete enables Compass Homes to stand apart from the competition,” he says.


“We’re now looking for partners in the Warkworth, North Shore, West and South Auckland, and Waikato areas,” he says.


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