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USG Boral Building Products NZ is a manufacturer and supplier of suspended ceilings, steel partitions, interior linings, membrane roof boards and plasterboard systems.


Partiwall® Intertenancy System

This product is an innovative intertenancy solution for separating walls between attached dwellings.

The system is essentially a twin wall system, which incorporates fire-resistant Shaftliner plasterboard panels within the wall cavity. Partiwall was developed to suit the normal pattern of construction and follow-up trades.

Key features are:

Cost effective and fast to construct.

No wet trades are required.

Modular construction of Shaftliner fire barrier permits easy installation at framing stage — no additional trades are required.

Permits easy inclusion of service penetrations, such as switches, power points, light fittings and pipes within the intertenancy partition.

Internal wall linings are installed at the plastering stage as per the normal construction sequence.


Sheetrock® Brand 10mm Ceiling and Wall Plasterboard

This product is USG Boral’s newest engineered lightweight alternative to regular 10mm plasterboard. Sheetrock has a high strength-to-weight composite design.

Key features are:

15% lighter than USG Boral standard plasterboard.

Easier to install and handle.

Superior on sag resistance.

Ceiling span centres up to 600mm equals more flexibility for installing fixtures and reduced installation cost, with fewer battens and clips compared to conventional 10mm ceiling boards.

Easier to score and snap.

Composed of a gypsum core encased in 100% recycled paper on front and back side.

Recessed long edges.

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