What do you do when the talking has stopped?


You know how this goes! The customer is always right and the customer’s house is the only house you have ever built — therefore every move must be closely supervised by the customer.

No matter how many variations the customer wants, no matter how many higher than “pc sum allowance” fixtures need to be sourced, you, the builder, or other contractors, are left carrying the can, especially when the customer disputes or refuses to pay the bill.

Recent changes to the Construction Contract Act and the Building Act are aimed at simplifying and clarifying the roles and responsibilities of builders, contractors and customers involved in construction projects.

The changes are also aimed at reducing the potential for conflict and the cost of that conflict for the builder, other contractors and the owner. But do they? 

Despite these changes, everyday issues faced by builders, other contractors and owners are complicated and difficult. However, many of these can be resolved quickly and practically.

FairWay’s building and construction dispute resolution services provide an early resolution service to resolve problems before either party needs to file claims in court.

FairWay has a team of highly skilled dispute resolution professionals around New Zealand who can assist builders, plumbers, roofers, other contractors and customers having those difficult conversations which are so important to avoid issues turning into major disputes.

The service is flexible and responsive, and might involve something as simple as a facilitated discussion over a cup of coffee through to a formal mediation or adjudication.

FairWay is also an authorised nominating authority under the Construction Contracts Act, and has a dedicated team available to discuss options and to assist you. They ensure strict adherence to time frames and quality measures.

FairWay’s focus is on finding practical solutions that allow all parties to move forward and achieve their objectives.

If you have a construction dispute, FairWay has a dispute resolution process for you. They are a simple free phone call away on 0800 77 44 02.

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