Protection for the life of the building


By John Oliver, inventor/marketing manager, Hiandri Solutions Ltd


Hiandri bottom plate packers have been promoted over the past year as a solution to preventing delays at the pre-line stage. However, this is not the reason they were invented, and there is a lot more to Hiandri bottom plate packers.

They were invented to help solve the “leaky home” problem or, more accurately put, the “rotting timber frame” problem that has reportedly cost this country $11.4 billion — not to mention the huge human toll this problem has created.

Once Hiandri has been installed on all timber framing of a building, the bottom plate can never sit in water which, once saturated, acts like a blotter, sucking water up the studs over a long period of time, with the obvious end result.

Better than that, the fact that the timber remains dry over its life means moisture can drain from the frame, which it cannot do when the timber is saturated.

I installed Hiandri bottom plate packers on a 400sq m home in Hamilton belonging to an engineer nine years ago. I recently visited him for a testimonial, which he was more than happy to provide.

He then went on to tell me his shower had been leaking for many years, which he had difficulty solving, and showed me a nail through the cold water feed under the laundry bench which had also been leaking for the same amount of time.

In both situations the owner would have been facing very expensive repair bills but for the installation of Hiandri bottom plate packers.

Hiandri costs less than $4 per sq m installed. It is not a product to be used only when it rains or for just 6 to 8 months of the year, but for the life of the building and the security of everyone involved in the building process.

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