Rigorous testing ensures structural pedigree


Radiata pine trees grown in Northland are scientifically proven to produce the strongest, stiffest and densest pine timber in New Zealand — characteristics being harnessed by Northpine Ltd.

The award-winning Waipu sawmill processes radiata pine sourced from sustainably managed Northland forests to produce top quality structural timber components for house framing.

From its distribution yard in Silverdale, Northpine produces its specialist Northbeam range of structural beams and posts, including large-dimension beams and long-length and H5-treated timber.

These aesthetically pleasing, high value products are generally preferred for use in exposed areas where the natural warmth and beauty of solid wood provides visual impact and unique character to a structure.

With Northbeam products, framing can be turned into a truly distinctive feature with exposed timber beams and joists. The range also provides flexibility and the opportunity to create eye-catching designs for outdoor features such as decks, gazebos or pergolas.

Strength is another key characteristic of the Northbeam range, which is processed from kiln-dried timber carefully selected to ensure it is structurally strong and dimensionally stable.

The result is high quality timber with structural performance that is competitive with steel or engineered wood products.

In addition to the large dimension or unusual sized products regularly processed under its Northbeam range, Northpine will also consider making one-off production runs for clients at its Waipu sawmill.

The complete range of standard structural components for house framing is also manufactured at the Waipu sawmill. These components, all made from Northland pine, provide the basis of what has become a growing, locally-based, value-added industry.

The quality of all Northpine products is rigorously tested, with structural timber graded in process and samples placed under stress to ensure each batch of timber meets New Zealand Standard requirements. This testing regime is also independently verified by a third party auditor — Graderight.

Northpine products are sold throughout Auckland and Northland via independent building merchants, with a limited product range sold in Australia via wholesalers.

Northpine Ltd takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and works hard to minimise any adverse impact of its operations on the environment. It is also an enthusiastic supporter of its local community through a range of sponsorships and initiatives.

The firm is constantly looking to identify new products and systems that meet the needs of its customers and provide them with high value solutions.

With a steady stream of maturing, structurally superior pine logs available in Northland for the foreseeable future, Northpine’s vision of being a sustainable, specialist sawmill is coming to fruition.

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