Company’s quality and service mantra remains some 50 years on



Stringent standards

Pacific Steel market development and accounts manager Chad Van Zyl says the company’s products are manufactured to meet one of the most stringent standards for reinforcing steel in the world.

“The previous process relied upon the use of recycled product which meant mixing batches of scrap types to meet the required chemistry,” Mr Van Zyl says.

“With the use of ironsand steel billets and the new casting facility, we are able to utilise a purer input material and eliminate the possibility of any potential inclusions in the finished product.

“The greater consistency will allow for improved product performance whilst continuing to retain the strength and ductility required of the local standards.”

Pacific Steel recognises the importance of producing a high quality product that will consistently meet the specified standard and be fit for purpose no matter the application — so builders, engineers and developers should all ensure they are familiar with Pacific Steel’s unique branding and marking.

Some 50 years on, Pacific Steel’s mantra of providing the highest levels of product quality and service support still remains — and these qualities will continue to be reflected in Pacific Steel’s commitment to the New Zealand market.

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