Expanding your toolkit: The building blocks of navigating change


“It would seem the only thing that is certain in the building and construction sector is change” — John Green, Building Disputes Tribunal.

The building industry is transforming, facing issues including the housing crisis, quality control and constant regulatory changes.

The NZ Building and Construction Law Conference seeks to help practitioners navigate through this change, understanding updates in regulation and new responsibilities in the current climate.

This year’s hot topic is the Health and Safety at Work Act, which features in the conference programme and post-conference workshops.

Marcus Nalter from WorkSafe is opening the presentations with an official insight of the legislation which takes effect on April 4.

Sarah-Lee Stead follows this presentation, helping practitioners understand how to incorporate risk management into organisational culture.

For a more practical approach, Susan Rowe will be facilitating a post-conference workshop, enabling practitioners to enhance their toolkit of safety management practice.


Industry specialists presenting

A range of industry specialists will be presenting on the Construction Contracts Amendment Act (CCAA) 2015 on the first day of the conference.

These sessions are designed to help practitioners understand the new definitions assigned by the updated legislation, and how the changes will affect daily practices.

The morning will be finished with a masterclass and question clinic which ensures no stone will be left uncovered for those needing to apply this new legislation.

Marcus Beveridge will also be facilitating an intensive and focused post-conference workshop on integrating the CCAA 2015 into everyday practice.

The conference also features several case studies to help delegates understand applications of law and innovative building methods.

Jon Williams and Dave Ebbett will be presenting on best practice Building Information Modelling (BIM), highlighting its innovative application in Tauranga.

Other case studies will show interesting applications of risk management and NEC3 contracts. 

For more information visit www.conferenz.co.nz/conferences/2016-building-and-construction-law-conference.

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