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The BCITO supports employers to provide training and employment in the construction industry in many different ways.

If you’re currently training a BCITO apprentice, you’re eligible to apply for a grant so that the BCITO can assist you to upskill yourself or another senior member of your team, and help your business be successful in the long term.

The BCITO has 15 Employer Development Grants worth up to a maximum of $3000 each (excl GST) available for employers in 2016. Applications are now open.

Applications can be made at any time, but once the 15 grants have been allocated there are no more available until 2017.


What are BCITO Employer Development Grants?

The BCITO wishes to give employers in the construction industry access to study programmes which will help them to develop and grow their business.

As such, funding in the form of grants is now being offered to employers of current BCITO trainees.

The BCITO believes this support will help employers to run successful long-term businesses, better placing them to provide ongoing investment in training and employment within New Zealand’s building industry.

How many grants are available?

Fifteen grants are available nationwide in 2016. Individual employers or employing companies can only be awarded one grant each per calendar year.

How much are the grants worth?

Each grant covers the cost of a course or seminar chosen by the employer, up to a maximum of $3000, excluding GST.


Who is eligible to apply?

Any employer of a current BCITO trainee may apply. This also includes supervisors and managers of an employing company.

Employers must have a current apprentice at the time of application and at the time the grant is claimed.


What can the grants be used for?

Employers can select any training or development assistance which best suits their personal or business development needs.

Some examples include:

BCITO courses such as Site Supervisor or Diploma in Construction Management

Consultation with a business advisor

Short courses or seminars on small business management, estimating or contract management

Higher level business-related qualifications.


When should applications be made?

Applications can be made at any time. However, once 15 grants have been awarded in a calendar year further applicants will need to reapply the following year.

You can check the number of grants still available at any time before applying by calling 0800 4 BCITO or visiting www.bcito.org.nz.


How do employers apply for a BCITO Employer Development Grant?

To apply, visit www.bcito.org.nz/employers-industry/employer-development-grants to download and complete the application form.

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